Mar 6, 2008

Maybe going to print... Kabuki & Grim

I submitted it to DBH, but it's been sitting around for a few months, so I pitched it to a new client.

They like it, and want it.

I hope it goes to print. Although it's not something I would wear, since Im primarily a black, blank tee guy.

Also, there's a chance Death on a Pale White Unicorn will go to print. According to ShirtDerbyStats, I ended up in the fog which is the top four entries. I hope it does win, because having been unproductive for the last week or so, I need something that will result in income.

And here is the epitome of a happy picture.

How warm fuzzy is this?

Also, I learned about yesterday. I wasnt aware that it was a compendium of all the funniest cat pictures I fancy. It's a place of more happiness. Check it out. Have a laugh.

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