Mar 8, 2008

Death on a Pale White Unicorn Available Now $15 & Rant - Business Proposition

aka Frightened Unicorn Mounted by a Robed Farmer with Sickle
aka Dont Fear the Reaper, More Cowbell on the Way

Available for sale for $15 HERE

In my email, I received a business proposition.

"I am not rich, but I can give you 10% of selling + few t-shirt... fair? I am proud parent of 1,5 year kid and I hope you understand my situation! If you don't have time to make me new one, can you please send me some of your old art - I love to print it :)"

This is not a good business proposition. Here's why.

1. I don't care about your kids or your financial situation.

2. Don't base my paycheck on your ability to sell. From reading your email, its obvious you are NOT a good salesman.

3. I appreciate your concern for my time, but you sound desperate for any decent art.

4. The only store you have is on Myspace? No Thanks.

I've been getting emails or personal propositions like this for the last few years, and I don't want to sound like a prima donna, but they've become repulsive. At first, I would reply kindly, sometimes with interest, but nowadays, I just Scoff. This response is more a trained response.

I've done art for employees, paying customers, potential clients, friends, etc.

Most don't see the work that is required to create good art.

I've poured hours into a piece, many times, to have the piece of art thrown aside just like an old magazine on the bathroom floor.

It's almost as if, people have a desire, to have the person that they see as having some skill, to do their bidding, and once done, since it was mainly about manipulation, they have no other interest.

If you want art, it's like a mechanic. You pay your mechanic right? Because he has specialized skill, and he gets $50-$60 an hour right? That's what I'll charge.

And dont ask me to design a ****ing tattoo for you because we used to be friends years ago. That's the worst. Unless you are willing to pay a minimum of $300 for something moderately small...

Come vacuum my car and apartment, clean my toilet, and hrm... make me dinner. For free...

I hope Im not one to take to self pitying martyrdom. I think if I can name 10 instances of the described happenings, its a fair reason to be angsty right?

End Rant.


Anonymous said...

You definitely have a right to rant, your art is sick! People just don't get artists, never will, for them, we should be asking no more than $10 for anything we do. It sucks.

Oh, and do more tutorials, pretty please!

kat said...


Anonymous said...

Check the tattoo comic strip out, just what you were saying.