Feb 28, 2008

Shirt.Woot.Com/Derby - Line Art

I was going to work on other things, but this week Woot is running a contest, the rule:

Use only one color, lineart. I can't resist.


Death on a Pale White Unicorn makes me laugh. Im actually quite pleased with these. They are old, and I did just recycle them, but I added some shading. I guess the shading skill I learned back when I was doing my bird vector has really stepped it up a notch.

Short story:

Ne'er had I ever gazed and wished up on a star before it fell from my sight...
Til that fateful night, under the blanket of silence of the twilight morning, I saw a brightly burning star, falling from the sky
I wished my wish, and then another.
Delight! if the rules are true, I finished the request for a wish after wish
Til it reached the Earth and it annihilated mankind.
I didnt get my wishes.

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