Feb 7, 2008

Shirt.Woot Contest Entry - I Heart Mr Potato Head

I finished this over the wee hours of the twilight. Im going to bed now at 8am. The PIRATE shirt is still in the works. BTW, I think it might be the raddest piece of work of my own thus far... design wise. Patterns are excellent. I hope I get to finish it. Ive been contacted by approximately 4 people in the last 3 days for some freelance work. Out of that, one should be legitimate worthwhile work.

This one was for fun based on Ceiling Cat. It's almost a total rip of it artfully remade.


I also photoshopped one for my friend Kate long ago...



This one although it made me want to pukebut its still a good un. I agree most with the gay guy speaking at minute 35:25, except that Im not a gay guy, and I dont hang out in porno stores. ;j

Minute 44 makes me want to puke cause of the emotional singing, and the crazy wailing lady.

Mr. Says 'Lord God' after every other word makes me want to puke too... reminds me of church camp.

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Ethan said...

Did Celing Cat ever get made? If so where can I buy one?!?