Feb 28, 2008

March Goals

1. Finish Newsom Portrait
2. Finish 2007 Taxes
3. Freelance Gig - Fighter shirt
4. Notice of Allowance - Trademark Allegation of Use Upload
5. Finish T-shirt Design Process Tutorial
6. March 11 - Small Business Meeting
7. Gmail Groups - Look for Spam in the Future!
8. Get 5 More Shirts on Etsy.com
9. Freelance Gig - Crippen
10. Contact Paramount about May Gigs

Extra Credit:
1. Vector set for YWFT
2. Submit 3 designs to contest sites
3. Tattoo Pig Design

It would be a fairly productive month if I finish all listed.

#1 I feel is going to be one of my best portraits I have ever made.
#3 has some interesting potential. The company represents a fighter who is to debut on UFC in April.

February was contest month. I entered several pieces.

1. I technically didn't win over at Woot, because they bought my piece directly, but I guess I can count it as a qualifying accomplished goal, since I wouldnt have been noticed enough I think if I hadnt entered the contest and participate in the community forum. I've actually made some good contacts there as well.

2. One of my designs submitted at designbyhumans is getting a fair amount of votes. So it might actually end up being a winner sometime. Regardless, I think I'll eventually make some more income from DBH.

3. I still have pieces in voting at popdeck and uneetee.

So although I didn't win a ton of money, I still managed to accomplish some things.
Also my YWFT income this month was really good.

I thought this poster was hilarious.

Not much overall progress. Playing with layout.

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kat said...

crap. this just reminded me that I have to do my taxes this week. Wasn't this country founded as a result of taxation? dang.