Feb 5, 2008

Epiphanic Internet Observation - Blogs Blog about other Blog Content

Blogs just blog about other blog contents, and other blogs blog about other blog contents, and other blogs blog about other blog contents.

Having been listed on Drawn.ca since 6:38pm yesterday, you can now search for 'Jimi Benedict Mario', there are now at least 5 other blogs who have the same content that the originating Drawn.ca posted.

Its even list on Digg.com, although its buried under thousands of other posts. It would be MASSIVE if it could get up therrrrrr....

Thanks, Pixel Party for the initial Observation.

So, I had a new years resolution '200+ visitors a day for 3 consecutive days', and I can pretty much check that one off. 350+ yesterday, and they just keep rolling in today. Midday its 500 hits. Unless the internet just disappears tommorrow, thats resolution is done.

It's amazing how if you can hit the right stream, the amount of people you can reach, 200 for 3 days now seems pretty weak. Next level 500 for 3 days.

Gee, I wish I had some products to pimp.

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Anonymous said...

I like your shirts, I think it's a matter of exposure. I don't wear any t-shirt other than what's touristy (on rare occasion) or (most commonly) white tees but I like your shirts and I would wear them instead and they're less expensive than what I'd cover up my white and not-so-whites with so I'd pay particular for them. Anyway, I have seen quite a few shirts which are not like yours but not too unlike in that it seems the white or other neutral canvas of a t-shirt has become just that, a canvas and I like it. I think it's a little slow to take shape maybe but it's another sign of individuality and you provide your individuality for those seeking inspiration. I forgot what I was talking about, so I'll leave it at I think your stuff is awesome, just a matter of time before you reflect with numbers etc...