Feb 5, 2008

Dora the Peg Leg, Dinosaur Feet Explorer & 1037 Hits Today

I've been babysitting Jemma, the ranch owner's 3 year old daughter, for the last few nights.

It's been quite easy to keep her entertained as the kittens, Blue and Buster, distract her for most of the time while I work. Otherwise she watches videos and demands that I get her some milk and to get her the kitties.

On occassion I will do a quick sketch for her so she can color it.

Here's is my latest master piece, Dora the explorer, with Jemma's artistic coloring style.

"Do you know what that is?"
"A Dinosuar!"
"Nope, it's Dora the Explorer!"
"But she's got dinosaur feet."
"Yup, its Dora the Explorer with dinosaur feet, a pirate wood peg leg, and a sickle!"
"Oh, OK"

It's no wonder that she loves me. She calls me 'Jimiyo.' She sang, "Jimiyo, jimiyo, jimiyo" for about a minute straight until I stopped working and responded.


Because of the Drawn.ca post, my site got 1037 hits today. The usual ranges from 30-65. Word. What's cool is that today's occurrence will probably start building back links to jimiyo.com which is a part of what's needed to be ranked higher in Google, not that it matters. I'm thinking Ill never be able to build a site that exploits the massive audience potential of the internet... Im too busy making art to want to figure it out.

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kat said...

snap. you're babysitting the grim reaper? I have nervous energy. I leave in like 9 hours!