Jan 6, 2008

Sketchbook Jan 05-06 2008

It seems drawing in the sketchbook is becoming a habit, but its only been a couple weeks, so you never know... It's nice to feel growth. The greater thing that is occurring is Im becoming more confident about my ability to become a good artist. There are many artists I admire for their skill, and I think I can rise to their level. It will take a several years to refine my ability, but it is possible. Over the years, Ive learned the smallest bits after awhile add up quickly. Theres an overused saying, inch by inch its a cinch... its quite true. Its amazing how much momentum will build up if you try. Anyways... this feels preemptive... on many occasions I started a 'sketchbook' and 'draw an hour a day' pursuit to fail within a few weeks... Meh. We'll see...

Ill be done with my Paramount Apparel projects soon. I think they are pitching the Legenday Whitetails designs soon, so I am eager to hear their comments. I put in a lot more time than I should have on the designs, but I want everyone who works with me to know, its either going to be 110% or nothing.

After the military designs are done, although its scary not to be working on steady income based projects, Im eager to work on some projects I planned for long before I thought I would land a design gig.


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