Jan 21, 2008

A Silent Life & New Tutorial & Nice Asian Arts Good Reference

Before I moved to the ranch, I had anticipated that there would be a few months or weeks that I would live in solitude. I was excited about it, as it is an experience that is difficult find in such a crowded and busy world.

Of recent, it seemed it would not be something I would get to experience as the owners of the ranch only leave for a short while, and also because Judy has been here for almost two months now. Well, Judy is heading back to Canada to work, and Easton and his family are going to TellYouRide for at least 4 weeks, so a wish come true... kind of... Chris who lives behind the ranch, and a RV camper will be around, but regardless, I will get to experience a pretty quiet life.

I hope to get alot of work done. I'm up to about $150 a month sales on the bird vector sets at YouWorkForThem.com so I'd like to get a few more sets up. Imagine if I had 30 good sets up there...

Some pretty decent image reference for asian art. The Japanese section is quite elegant and stunning.


New Tutorial over at http://blog.jimiyo.com on making a dotted line in Photoshop. I used the dotted lines to make rivets.

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