Jan 28, 2008

Mario Painting & Aaron Horkey/Others Gallery

I've mentioned Aaron Horkey before. I was surfing http://www.ffffound.com and found a linkback to Horkeys gallery. Stuff I havent seen before... There are some other artists, like Jeff Wood, ObeyGiant Fairey, etc. Lots of really talented work in this gallery... high resolution. Nice FIND!

I gotta say, Im disappointed I haven't made anything cool in a while. After seeing Horkey's work, it makes me want to make something just as cool. Im finished with gigs right now so I think I might start... the most KICKASS thing jimi has done so far in his life... then after Im done, Ill just feel let down, cause its a never ending spiral downward when you constantly compare yourself to others. Even if you are the best, there's always better. Im not stating that Im the best, or even near it...

I found some artist's this past week that make me feel like crap. Enjoy!


I've been setting up my asian themed vectors into 5 sets of 5 on advice of my contact at YWFT. Having to use illustrator CS makes me want to kill myself. Some people love it, but I've been using it for several years and Im still not keen on it. It makes me physically ill with frustration. I think it was made for anal retentive people who are meticulous and like to sit there all day and click on tiny tiny anchors, and be orderly in all things. The kind of people who would put their pens and desk supplies at 90 degree angles, and carry anti-bacterial lotion.

Here's Super Mario, just for fun I suppose and promotions. I know once I put it around some places, it will get circulated. Old school video game art seems to be one of those topics that alot of people on the internet like. It's an easy win.

Im also doing Link from Zelda incorporated in a Micheangelo painting. We'll see if I ever get it done. Id like to do Samus from Metroid too...

** EGAD that sucked. Finally finished creating the asian vector sets and making pretty little pictures for YWFT to display on the web. Creating the original images is fun, but the minutia of creating web images suxors. Im glad Im not a web designer...

*** Hey they posted my first set... I've already gotten a sale. They are only going for $10, but that's fine with me.

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Anonymous said...

hey jimi. i haven't had the chance to stop by your blog in a while and i see that there was plenty for me to take in. i LOVE the dragon you did in your sketchbook 12/22. sweet.
you're such an amazing artist and i am glad to see that you are gaining the recognition that you deserve. you really inspire me to try and do my own thing so i can quit the 9-5 bullshit. thanks for keeping us updated on how you're doin'.