Jan 23, 2008

Good News & Sketchbook - Excuse the Curse

Paramount Apparel wants to keep using me for military designs in the Spring. It feels good, although I still have to worry about finding more clients and figuring out how to manage projects so they dont overlap/getting slammed and having a consistent
stream of income, which I assume isnt always the case for freelancing. For the next few weeks I hope to crunch out a Asian vector set and continue doing my sketchbook drawings.

I finally got around to watching the Harry Potter and Star Wars series. Truly, an
unAmerican thing to have never seen such culturally iconic movies... They were moderately interesting. I liked Harry Potter better than Star Wars though. It's interesting to watch the cast grow up, even the secondary characters like Neville. I wonder which one will grow up to be the social deviant.

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