Dec 1, 2007

Client Spec Work & In the works...

No art today. What a slacker! Not really, I crunched out two new designs for a potential client. If everything works out, and we are a match, I may have a load of work to do for the next month or three.

I ffffound a really good website. They have interesting images ffffound on the internet. That's it. Nothing more.

I have a new idea for DBH shirt! Well... I want to redo my 'Eat, Drink, Be Merry' shirt I created. The original design was a good idea, but poorly exectued and printed on a crappy Gildan cardboard feeling shirt. I think if I do better linework, and add some pizazz with some flock or high density ink, it might be a winner at DBH. We'll see if I ever get around to it. It will have trendy stuff, Ill still put a skeleton on a horse since you know... skulls are still in even though played out for the last couple years, and I'll throw a cardinal in there too. Red will pop out on black.

Anyways, Ill post more if I get permission, or I do my own art. It's the weekend for YOU guys, (it's always the weekend for me!) so the company I'm hoping to land probably wont be at work, so I might have time for my own art.


1 comment:

sam said...

i love ffffound.

and skulls will ALWAYS be in.