Dec 5, 2007 Contest Winner


Congratulations! Your deck design ( has been selected as one of the top 5 decks submitted to the Deck Design Contest.

Easy contest win... I messed up though and haven't uploaded my other decks for sale online, so the publicity is wasted. Unfortunately, I thought I could put up the design to sell as well, but they retain the rights to sell the board without commission. I don't think they retain rights to the image though, their contest details are pretty vague, and could easily be contested. No worries though. It's an old design that's been sitting unused for a while. I originally made the design for my friend whose husband is a pro skater. Although they talked about starting a company, they never did anything with my ideas. Moral of the story: Read contest details, and don't do things for free in hopes that you will get good publicity, even if they are semi-famous. Now, if you find a true salesman who really wants to make money and comes to you with a proven history and market, then that's an exception...

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