Nov 7, 2007 to Upgrade Printing Options - Belt Printing... OOOOooo! was attractive to me because they have the ability to print higher end shirts with foil, flock, embroidery, etc. It seems Threadless is going to up the ante as well by allowing up to 8 colors and a variety of printing techniques and applications. I will probably start entering more and more designs to both websites, as well as some other contests I have seen on the internet. If the work is behind it, I figure a person could really start earning some extra dough becoming a professional contest winner, as well as increased visibility as a designer as a trickle effect.

Here's the pdf explaining all the new methods one can use to design shirts for Threadless.

Im hoping with the new options, people will begin to submit higher quality art than just cutesy 4 color shirts. Though most shirt themes are very clever, it all looks the same. You can look at a Threadless shirt and think, oh yeah, that's a Threadless.

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Spencer G said...

You want to be careful with places like threadless though because although you can make some sweet coin, you can also lose a lot.

By this I mean that they take all of the rights to the design, including moral rights. Your moral rights are your right to even claim that you did the design in the first place as well as the right to defend your own work and name. They could basically call the design a piece of crap at a later date and you couldn't call them out for that because you gave them the moral rights to do so. They also gain the right to reprint the design as many times as they want, use it for other things, and so on, and you never see a penny beyond what they initially paid you. Then, once its nice and famous that part about them being allowed to not even mention the original designer's name comes in.

Don't ever give up your moral rights. Give up reproduction rights, sure if they pay enough, but never your right to claim your own work.

Careful! :S