Nov 1, 2007

Stock Vector

Im starting to amass a small collection of stock vector art to sell eventually. First set I think I will try to sell is birds.

This is a portion of what Im going to try to sell... I know there would be a market if I put together 25-30 birds, etc for $20. Im getting better at vectorizing images as well using only one color/two if you count BG utilizing some plugins.

3 a day, will allow me to have a finished set within 10 days. Each take about an hour to 2 hours to make depending on detail. Then I figure I should start internet promotions around different websites to get the ball rolling/traffic, etc.

This was a relatively useless and unimformative or picture interesting post. Cheers!

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kurt said...


i work for an art company in the uk and wondered if you would like to feature as one of our artists?

for more info contact kurt at