Nov 4, 2007

Scatterbrained Productivity & Blog Move & Crest Update

Here's Mike McD's crest I've been working on. Im slowly making progress on it. I'm spending to much time on each element, but eventually, Ill be selling animal, filigree, regal item stock vector sets. All elements can be pieced out. Im quite happy about my progress on learning creating these things. I'm getting better at shading with lines, etc.


I've been trying to wrap up a few different projects, so I've been slightly productive but very much a scatterbrained. This freelance, running my own business is somewhat daunting, I havent even started into it 5%, but I have a hundred things on my to do list. It's a little difficult to do administrative/promotional/accounting/legal stuff when all I want to do is art. I figure though, all businesses go through some difficult whittling down of tasks and identifying the priorities of all the facets of business. I talk like I have something going, but there's hardly any income right now, not that it matters, I worked hard enough and horded my money like Silas Marner so I wouldnt have to worry so much about the first year or two. I think it will work out. I cant wait til everything is like a well oiled machine.

Im heading up to Canada with 5? days so that might cause a slowdown, or actually might put a fire under me. Im going to go visit Judy for a month, and we're coming back for some PBR in Las Vegas, then coming back to the ranch. I havent decided if Im going to take my computer, because if I dont, Ill be able to do everything with pencil and paper, which I feel quite guilty for abandoning for the last 4 months.


I may keep this blogspot for my personal reflections and art, but will be the location of the blog I will try to promote heavily for business traffic. There's nothing there, but eventually, tutorials, vector art, freebies, etc. Content that will drive sales, notoriety, etc. We'll see.

Coming Soon.

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