Nov 28, 2007

Please Comment: What instruments in a highschool band?

I'm thinking about doing band instruments for my next vector set. Eventually I'll take them and make a shirt out of it, and try to pitch it to some highschool bands... I think. Trendy band shirts the dorks will wear with pride! ;)

I had a pang of fear yesterday. I got scared about my ability to earn a good living. I know I will figure it out, it's just scary to have to do alot of front end work for product building before any income is seen.


Hi Rick. Been meaning to write you. If you are browsing my palaver. Howya Leet Haxor?
Sam... been meaning to write you too.
Eric... Ditto.

Found a great resource for images of animals.

Another animal resource.

Oh yeah, I pitched my first distributor for my vector images. Don't know if they will respond, but gotta contact somebody to get the ball rolling...

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chadlonius said...

I really enjoy your artwork, was wondering if you could show a tute on how you do them?

Just curious.

Thanks for the resource.