Nov 29, 2007

Believe yourself.

Five years ago when I graduated college, I was eager and hopeful about my dreams to become a video game artist.

Someone asked me what I was going to do, and when I told them excitedly about wanting to become a game artist, I got a dry and negative response of "We can't always do what we want."

That was a disappointing comment to an already disappointing graduation ceremony. The main speaker at the graduation, although at times encouraging, had more an agenda to get students to come back for graduate school as he spoke of the flailing economy and the lack of jobs in the market.

In hindsight, I know it was just a realistic, correct answer in the perceptions of the person who told me such truths. They were not knowledgeable about the market, and from their experience, what they said was true to them.

Certainly, I am not a game designer today, but not because it wasn't possible, merely because making 3D models and creating textures for them was not a passion for me. If I had desired it so, I could have definitely gotten in the market. Even today, I am certain after a few months of tweaking my portfolio, I could obtain an entry level position at a game company leading into a career of game design.

Over the few years after college, it became apparent that art was a passion for me, and I desired it. Being an independent artist has been a dream as well, and it seems it is becoming a reality. Even if I had been in the game business, I feel my desire to be independent would still have lead me out of the routine 9 to 5.

My reason for writing such an entry is to encourage those people who have dreams. There will be naysayers who know nothing about your dreams and your drive.

Don't listen to them.

You know what you are capable of.

Listen to yourself if you believe, but don't listen to yourself when you are afraid, or scared... When you start telling yourself you can't do it... That's when you won't be able to do it.

My answer to the dry truth five years ago was "Well I think I am talented enough that I can."

Believe it.

Believe yourself.

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Anonymous said...

You go brother, keep on keepin on.