Sep 2, 2007

Ready, Set, Go

Picked up a beer and my WACOM pen today. It's on yo.

Read up on emergency tuck your head in between your legs drill cause I'll be dropping bombs like the Enola Gay.

I had a miserable day here yesterday. I suppose it was my time of the month. I keep nibbling back at stupid old habits, and I need to move on... good stuff came out of it though...

Got a thesaurus. Im going to become a good writer.

I went to Las Vegas the other night to drop off my friend Kornelia at the airport. From a 0, Las Vegas gets a rating of 3. I drove into Las Vegas at 2am. Going over the hill on i-15, Las Vegas looks like an ocean of orange and white lights. Pretty nice.

I also walked with Kornelia through downtown and the old strip. It was alright.

There was a guy there with a cross yelling things... I found it interesting that on the bottom of the cross he had a wheel so it would most likely be easier to haul, and it wouldn't damage the concrete. I thought that was cute funny.

I still think Las Vegas is a big shit hole. Homeless people sleeping on the streets, beggars roaming around in the wee morning, and gambling... seriously... a economy based on people coming and wasting their money on false and mathematically weak odds.

Drove by the Bellagio, and some of the other big casinos. Really nice...

If anything, Las Vegas seems to have some pretty good shows, like Cirque de Soil... Soilel or whatever.... the water one looks tight. Maybe one day Ill go back and pay the $120 for the tickets... it probably is worth it.

I lived today. Yesterday I did not. Tomorrow I hope I live.


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Anonymous said...

The Enola Gay huh...? Interesting comment. I'm glad you at least have some hope for Vegas ie the shows maybe being okay, but you never were one to appreciate some of those things, at least in my experiences and you may have changed.
I agree that the old strip (downtown) is a depressing pool of people with below average lifestyles; however, the modern strip is pretty nice and big time fun. The shows are good and prices aren't that bad if you plan it up and they're definitely not any higher than any other venues and they're definitely the best (not even NYC can sell out 6 nights a week). Anyway, that's my defense of sin city and if you have time to kill there then check out the outdoor bar outside of Harrahs and the piano bar inside it. The outdoor bar has bartenders that will put those in the movie Cocktail to shame (very touristy - but everyone there are tourists) and the piano bar has dueling pianos, pretty cool late at night after boozed up.