Sep 30, 2007

Jimi, now with Internet!

For the first time since February, I have internet on my own computer! Weeee!

More posts, more art, more checking email for emails that never come. The last one I got was:


From: Life
Subject: Let's Begin

Hi. This is life.
Hey Let's Begin.
I also have viagra and xanex on sale for the lowest price on the internet.


Hopefully, I won't check email and a thousand times now that Im connected. Soon, the plan is to ramp up the art productivity to an impressive level since I have a performance based self esteem... so sad to be afflicted with such a thing, yet such a good thing as it drives me to work harder.

Peace Peeps.


Oh yeah. I will be calling my peeps on the SKYPE.

GET SOME SKYPE! Search Jimi Benedict. jimiyo1977

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