Aug 7, 2007

Top 7 Things on my Roadtrip that I remember...

1. Montana Forest Fire/Burning Mountains at 1 am, with full moon, and stars.
2. Cape Ferrelo, Oregan. – Coastal overlook. One of the most beautiful places EVER!
3. Arches, Moab, Utah. Although I went in the middle of the day, it had to be the most memorable visits to a National Park.
4. Flagstaff Hostel. I met good international friends. Very nice place to stay. Restuarants and quaint shops to browse.
5. Port Townsend, WA, Olympic Hostel – The cleanest, most peaceful hostel on the coast, which if ever I were to move to an area, I would move to the OR or WA coastal area for the atmosphere. The coast was littered with quite non tourist cities.
6. Mendocino, California – Coastal art town. Though based around tourists and quite fancy, if I were to have the funds to move there, it would be a nice place to call home.
7. Parie River Guest Ranch – Away from the city, but close to a couple of natural tourist attractions like Antelope Canyon, Lone Rock.

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