Aug 27, 2007

Tennessean Coverage: Connect 12 Art Show

My friends from Nashville are having an art show September 1, 2007 at

Dangenart Gallery
83 Arcade Building
Nashville TN 37219

Reception: Saturday 6-9

Woot! Got an image and tagline in the Tennessean for participation in the upcoming Dangenart Art Show, which unfortunately I will not be able to attend since I'm in Utah. Woe, a heavy pull with the ladies it would have been... Oh well! There's plenty on the way here. ;j

Friends, I wish I could be there with you. It would have been a good ole former Plowhaus reunion.

Link to newspaper article.

1 comment:

jodi the crafty chick said...

Way to go.
sound like everything is going well. Miss ya!