Jul 7, 2007

Im in Dallas

So after a few hours going towards Dallas, all my anxiety went away. I thought maybe all the driving would dissuade me from starting on my road trip, but after a couple hundred miles, I knew I couldnt turn back, and I no longer feared much about where to sleep, what to do, etc.

I ended up, thanks to my trusty TomTom, at the Dallas Backpackers Hostel. It's already been an excellent experience. despite the fact that I have not done any sightseeing.

I've already met some wonderful people. Ivan the host was most accomodating. I've immediately met Anthony, a Canadian teacher who is traveling the US, Emma, an English med student on vacation, and I just dropped three Australian girls off at the Greyhound terminal. They came bustling in at 1 am as I slept on the couch (I prefer couches over beds... some neurosis I will explore during my trip ;) and they were worried about how to get to the station without paying mad money for a cab ride. I took all my belongings out of my car, they packed in with their luggage, and I had a nice 15 minutes with them as I drove them to the station. I wish I could have hung out with them more.

It's amazing that all of these non Americans have the intestinal fortitude to jaunt about the US without any worries, where as I am wondering where to go, and having some anxiety about even visiting the cities.

Tomorrow I am to go to downtown Dallas to explore possibly the Art District. After that, Im leaving for EL Paso, Grand Canyon, and I might make a jump to Las Vegas. There are hostels everywhere. I hope to meet more interesting people.

I am glad I am on this trip.

Although I had anticipated going freelance after I get back, after being contacted by an artist friend, I may actually apply for an artist position in California. I had written that I would in my new years resolution. Although Nashville seems to be my home, I think going on this trip will allow the vision of possibly moving out of Nashville something easier to grasp. Who knows, I may not. Someone told me that I should blossom where I am planted. Still, I have never felt like Nashville has been a home for me, as if there are greater things I could achieve if I were to leave the safety of my hometown.

Some hostels have an internet connection. I will try to post as much as I can.

Thanks fro dropping by. All my friends, and my family... you are on my mind.

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Anonymous said...

Get down with yo' bad self! Very happy for you, bro! :D Can't wait to join the ranks of the traveling artsy type, too! Ty