Jun 14, 2007

Yo, Dude, Where the Art at?

Yo. Where's the art? I've been thinking instead of arting. The art will come sometime soon.

Today I speak with my employer about going to retail with my designs. 'Going to retail' means that my own designs will be given to sales representatives to pitch to mass retail markets. The marketing group with whom they work, sell thousands of shirts to catalog companies that apparently go out to millions of consumers. I am not excited as I don't usually count my chickens before they are fried into tastey original flavor saturated fatness. As a company, we (they) have never really hit super huge orders in the retail market. Although they print large quantities in the thousands of NASCAR shirts, I'm not sure how much of a difference 'going retail' entails. Apparently (do you guys like that word, Im such a doubting Thomas) the marketing group hit a vein with pregnancy shirts one time, which legends be told, they printed 1200 pieces weekly for several months. The next logical step if my designs do sell would be much bigger markets like Target, JC Pennys, etc. I feel that would be a long long way down the road, if ever, my designs get clout. Also it seems that even if you get into retail, there is a HORRENDOUS financial burden as you are to supply goods at a substantially low price and in mass quantities.

I am doubtful, but you know what? If it hits, I'll be in converse porportion, estatic.

My friend got in Target once with some of her fiber art. Although I have to say, it has no bearing on her creativity and wonderful creations, she did not earn a substantial amount of income from being nationwide unless they are keeping it on the DL. BUT BUT everything is achieved in baby steps right? (Small point, it doesnt pay to be an artist, it pays to be a businessman. Im sure someone made alot of money from her art, just not her.)

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ajje(kfs) said...

It's frustrating how art and commerce work against eachother. No talent ass clowns last maybe 10 years, tops. Your talent, my dear, is forever.