Jun 27, 2007

Road Trip & Probably Finished Revelations Lion Art


I'm supposed to leave July 1st to NO WHERE, but I've been too busy to plan my route.
My parents have been more excited about my trip than I.
So yeah...

Mom and Dad, I'm coming down to Alabama first, and you guys can help me plan the trip. I'll bring maps, and you have the internet. Good QT time.



BoO yEah! Level Up!
It will look THE SEXY on a skateboard.


Anonymous said...

WOW now i would buy that skate board!

looks a little off center?
but awsome!

Mike M

mike said...

I want that on a shirt immediately. The colors are perfect.

jodi the crafty chick said...

have a great trip and be safe.
i leave today with the girlies.
new shirt/skateboard looks good.

littlepinkhouse said...


this is what im looking at before my road trip :)

this Lion is so awesome!!

David Kiester said...

Hey Jimiyo,

I must say your designs are incredible. Truly great work. Im especially touched by this Revelations drawing. I was browsing the net looking at different depictions of lions, because I am thinking of getting a lion tattoo. Revelations basically blew my mind away, and might have it tattooed on my back. The only problem is the immense detail would have to make it a really big tattoo... but maybe someway I can get thinned out a little so it doesnt have to be my whole back. But I'm almost positive this is what I'll get... I love the Bible reference too.. I wanted a lion because my name is David and King David had "the heart of a lion" and was "the Lion of Juddah." It helps that I'm a leo, too.

Thought I should let you know! If you want to draft me another version with less detail that would be cool too! haha


jimiyo said...

i could send you a large jpeg of the design, but i dont want to have to spend time to edit it with less detail. would take some time.

if you want a jpeg, email me. jimiyo at yahoo dot com

Rachael H said...

hey man, killer design. Is there any way that we could use it for a church high school summer camp shirt. Let me know if you get a chance. My email is athreestrandcord@yahoo.com. Thanks man.