Jun 12, 2007

Coworkers and I & Cursing is Funny

I never used to take pictures, I preferred not to have memories, but I think Im going to start taking them like crazy. I don't want to get old, look back at my life, and have nothing to smile or laugh about...

These are my soon to be ex-coworkers. As very independent artists, sometimes we fought, but the majority of the time we laughed and made fart jokes. Good times.

I've edited the photo so as to not arouse or offend. Hehe.

Uh Hrm... Ladies... Ladies... All of us are single. Winners we are... I tell ya. ;)


I'm working on some Christmas shirts at work... Yup. I guess it's that time of year already... Earlier I had quotes above the birds with expletives. More funny that way... Insert your own expletives for fun!

1 comment:

ajje said...

Left birdie:"Might you have a salad for me to toss?"

Right birdie:"Why, it's right here betwixt my bird legs!"

(they're British)