May 30, 2007

New Womens Design Idea & Free Wallpaper

Hey Peeps.

I was just going through my old sketches, and unused art assets and came up with this, which I feel is cute overload. I can see women seeing this and going... "oh, thats cute!" while reaching for it, whereas they would say "oooh! that's soft!" and the inevitable two scenarios...

"How much? Can I buy this?"


"Mmmm, I love the design, but..."

a. Pink isnt my color

b. I already have too many pink shirts (which isnt a real excuse. what's one more if you already have eight or twenty?)

c. I've already spent too much money. (Whereas, although debt is against my beliefs, I could offer, if I had the option, to put it on their credit card! ha!)

I can't wait til Saturday for the ICE summertime show to put on my salesman face. I think I will put it on overdrive. I want a new pair of shoes. ;)

Oh yeah, the Bambi is saying:

a. Oh, it's fine, the black is just the right temperature.
b. What? Did I just fart this plant out my butt...?

Wallpaper if you want...

Tiled wallpaper if you want...

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