Apr 11, 2007

One of the Happiest Moment...

you mentioned your 'happiest day of my life',
and i started thinking
about my happiest day. mine was a couple years ago. i
quit my sales job cause i hated it. unemployed, i
painted in oils for 2 months. i was in my first large
art show shortly... i was one of the few artists that
sold a piece, and i had all my friends from the past
and present come... we ate, drank beers, and had good
conversation. i think within that week, i had gotten
hired at the art job. it was good. i had taken a leap
of faith, and i landed. it seemed as if it was an
absolution of some sort, that i was ok to be who i
truly was...

another time, i was playing this gambling slot machine and for 5 hours straight, i kept winning every round. i put a dollar in, id win and four quarters would come out... glory... glory was mine.

1 comment:

Gerd said...

I just love your drawings.. wish i could do the same