Feb 1, 2007

Why Im Scared About My Retirement & TaeBo Results

From the Social Security Administration newsletter,

"..Without changes, by 2040 the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted."

By 2040, I will be 66 years old. Yes, right on the cusp of the screwing. I have my suspicions that the funds may become exhausted before the projected date due to the baby boomers all poised to began a mass exodus out of the workforce around 2015.

The responsibility of retirement savings now falls on the shoulders of the workforce. With the way America spends its money, there's going to be an alarmingly massive group of people who will not be able to retire. It's gonna be like Mad Max. Not just the first Mad Max, I'm talking Tina Turner, Beyond the THUNDERDOME. Hee. Instead of the THUNDERDOME, it will be Walmart. Thousands will enter, only one will remain... for minimum wage, and glances of disdain from the patrons. The others will just roam around trying to pass their time with an occasional lunch at a Shoney's or a similar meat and three cafeteria if they can afford it.

All this information though is irrelevant. Why?

I met a man on Dickerson road, a savant no doubt, as persons of such eccentricity are. He told me the world was gonna end in 2012, and to give him a dollar. Then he urinated himself as he looked up at nothing. He was probably reaching transcendence.


Ill probably have an art update on Sunday... Have a good weekend! See some of you all round the art openings. Cheerio!

So I've been doing TaeBo since New Years (5 weeks). It's at least 4 days a week.

The Blue is the current silhouette.
The Red is 'before.'

I've lost a little in the spare tire area. This is probably resulting from the lack of beer drinking on the weekends. I have also started to notice more defined musculature. I have horrible posture.

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