Dec 26, 2006

Deer - Guns or Flowers. Havent Decided.

New t-shirt design concept. I havent decided if I should put guns on the baby deer or put it amongst swirlies and flowers. The guys will probably be a buck with horns with some filigree.

Good Day! Please comment. Who's gonna be the first one ever to comment on the new blog?!?


Edray said...

Do I get a prize for leaving the first comment? I like the idea of a Deer and Gun... flowers seem to bambish for me.

Shana said...

how about flowers and a gun, and leave the deer alone. go pick on a badger...that's what they're there for. badger the badger!

sam said...

aww it looks like paigey
i like the little shadow on its back

Tyson said...

What a great idea...she'd never suspect a deer.